The Fragility of Circumstance

by Betray The Emissary

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© & ® Burning Tone Records 2016
Recorded at Burning Tone Studios
Mix & Mastered by Louis Henn and Heinrich Köllner
Produced by Louis Henn, Heinrich Köllner and Betray The Emissary


released December 22, 2016



all rights reserved


Betray The Emissary Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: Regression
Track Name: Lighthouses
Worthless, stranded, drifting on these unlit seas
Hopeful-branded, the value of a past miscarried
So we failed our opening, uncommitted, temporizing

The tide swept out while we slept
And though this loss we grieve, time will not indulge our regrets
Despite these currents, we mutiny
A hollow fate we bear pursuing dreams beyond our reach

Is it the strength of our convictions?
Are we seized by fallacy?
Is it the weight of our delusions insisting we're free?

Although there's freedom in a life lived without direction,
The more we stay this course the more we cast aside connection
Of all these paths we commit to the depths
Our shallow hearts will only covet remnants filtered of dissent

We're only living the lives they least resist
The suggestion of sacrifice and suddenly we can't commit

Bitter, we protest the course of our lives
But the choices demand that we let fate decide

With so many lights to call our sails
The more the wind grows, the more we fail
No destination to reach, we’ll never see land again
We’re all hopeless sailors
In a sea of drowned men
Track Name: Revealer
You could recover with this respite, but you're living beyond your means
These comforts won't lift your fallacy

Live it up larger than your life, ‘till you're less than what's left

This is so far beyond forgiveness, but you can't even see the price to convince yourself you're righteous
A beginning that leaves you blind to the consequence
Forgetting you're still a child in atrophy
When will you wake up and see the answers aren't clearly defined?

This world's not worth its weight in words

There's no use, there's no reason
There's no use being a man about it
There's no use being a man

You tried to swallow your pride, but you've bitten off more than you can chew and swallowed your dignity with it
This will leave you with nothing but a white-knuckled prayer and clenched currency

Looking back on your life, how will you redeem yourself in the eyes of your maker?
This world won’t give you what you're owed

This world's not worth its weight in words

There's no use being a man
Track Name: Frailties
The memories we hold so close to heart, pass us by
We see the vilified visions of futures grim, yet these never die
And how was I to believe in what was swept away?
Torn away, over and over, and over again

I am unspoken, I am repressed

Hollowed soul
A spirit more broken than he shows

How can an empty vessel be filled with hope, when trust is nothing more than a monument?
I guess the only way to break a heart that won't let go is to take it for granted

I have faltered at the edge of belief that we have more than just promises we don't keep
And still my frailties run deep, I carry them with me silently

So I've made enemies of time and gravity
One forces me to move on, the other pulling me underneath what I believed in
It's far beyond my reach, and I'm left to sort the memories from deceits

The frailties we so gladly carry, the burdens we won't know, have us growing old

Now I know, I can never be free of my fragility
The man I hoped I'd be has been swept away
Torn away, over and over, and over again

These are the means, where is the end?

No more will your frailties go unspoken
Misfortunes aside, the lies you abide
In the end, this you have chosen
Track Name: The Mires
His fragile hands clench at dirt and bone, searching for more than a promise to carry on
He's never felt so completely conquered, so far removed from those spaces he trusted
And he's given up so many years, done away with too much time to the lies

With broken arms and brittle legs, he tries to lift his head to stand
The trenches deep, and at his feet, the fragments of his best-laid plans
He's a man, martyred by unthinking hands
Undone by the methodless devastation

Just one step and he'd be free
But his legs are twisted backwards at the knees
A false strength that he maintains
He knows that what he's lost is more than what he stands to gain

So here he stands, to make a mire of this wasteland
An end he's chosen
A shadow of his former man

But he can't see past this defeat
To realise it's all behind him
That he's stronger than his misery

Your hope is the hole that will swallow the apathy that you follow

A frail end by the dagger, wrought ideals for feelings
What's the meaning of failure?
Am I the latter?
Regret is just a fever,
God knows how you got the blood in your well

Your regrets are not your revival
This defeat is not your final tragedy
Track Name: Lost Soul
Drenched in arrogance, nothing left of your humility
A lifetime of broken dreams by your own hands
No contention for betrayal
No rival for the formation of these dying times
Nothing more than an angry child trying to hide from the light

As you search for redemption you will find no one to bare witness to your treachery of lies
A lost soul no one seeks to save, no one seeks to find

Left to fend for yourself
Feeding on misfortunes of those weaker souls starts to take its toll
The imminence, change of heart
The prospect never contemplated by man with the most sinister of goals

This disease has you growing weak and as you seek its release the light it slowly retreats

It’s too little to late
It takes a god to define one’s fate
It's too convenient to keep to his ways
Not even the sands of time could deliver him from his vengeful life

Bound to these endless lies, you’ve crossed the line
Although you cease to hide
All that you’ve gained along the way won’t save you from the grave

It won’t fucking save you from the grave
It won’t fucking save you
Track Name: Barriers
We've been force-fed the trauma as reality consumes our lives
No greater burdens than the ones we face today
The hardest part is living in sanctity

This life is unforgiving, and with our hearts it grows darker than these days
Faithless, we've become, under the weight of devotion

What will bring us hope?
What will bring us home?

From birth, cast into light
Reformed in the shadow of man
Memories in falsehood, though I am anew

Salvation is wearing thin in a life filled with conformity

I promised myself one certainty - to dwell in solitude

I'm not ready to make a change
I'm not ready to sell myself
I'm not ready to commend my defeat to a world far less revived

Battling the way of the world, falling short of all aspirations Reaching my end with conviction
And desperate for answers, I'll be sinking
I'll be sinking in solitude while you tower in my defeat
Track Name: Of Love & Lost
“What is bad is not that man lives and dies, but what dies within man while he lives
And perhaps the most important thing that dies within man, while he lives, is his imagination” - Prof. Amar Bose

(In Memory of Lorna-Ann Mccumisky‎)
Track Name: Constants
I've had my hands stretched out at my brothers' backs, but I still haven't seen their eyes
My lungs have whispered their final appeals, but they've offered up only goodbyes
I've watched as friends threw themselves to the fire to follow the dreams turned to flame before effect

I've been lost for so many years
I can't revive your dreams that died with me

My God, is this mirror me?
Am I the maker of this mundane reality?
Are these the choices that I've made?
Or just the answers reaped from questioning destiny?

I've been dead these past years
I can never reclaim all that you lost in me

Sometimes we give up on our own
Waiting for a sign we're never shown
Just finite souls haunting vapid lives

So I submit to this fight
I've lost the will to thrive
When heavy hands and tired hearts make for limping minds

My shallow mouth feeds you idle lies
Track Name: Dragging Anchors
These days I'm finding it hard to believe in myself
I've been treading open water for so long, and I can't find a way out
It's becoming clear, no matter how high I keep my head
I can never reclaim, from shallow graves, the dreams I've laid there

Although you'll try to resurrect this mind, what's dead is gone
Carry the corpse home

Glimpsing memories of a life lived through hollow truths
My glaring failures
My conceited youth

We all carry our burdens like anchors

Bringing me to my knees
The weight of devastation
I pushed aside the lessons in search of vindication

My redemption, my undoing
My inability to overcome my desperation

This burning in my bones
The cost of forgetting, they’ve all let go

My hopes are drowning in these crippling dunes
Dragging anchors toward my distant dreams

The tides of time were washed out long ago
They won't be back until I sleep

So I sought refuge in community
And abandoned who we were all meant to be

The burden of these lesions we keep
Restricting all of us from futures we seek
Sisyphean dreams

We all carry our burdens like anchors
We all carry our burdens like anchors

We hold this end unguarded
Free your voices
Free your failing hearts
Inhale your exile
Exhale unified