by Betray The Emissary

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The memories we hold so close to heart, pass us by.
We see the vilified visions of futures grim, yet these never die.
And how was I to believe in what was swept away?
Torn away over and over, and over again...

I am unspoken, I am repressed.

Hollowed soul.
A spirit more broken than he shows

How can an empty vessel be filled with hope,
when trust is nothing more than a monument?
I guess the only way to break a heart that won't let go is to take it for granted.

I have faltered at the edge of belief that we have more than just promises that we don't keep.
And still my frailties run deep, I carry them with me, silently.

So i've made enemies of time and gravity.
One forces me to move on, the other pulling me underneath what I believed in.
It's far beyond my reach, and I'm left to sort the memories from deceits.

The frailties we so gladly carry, the burdens we won't know, have us growing old.

Now I know, I can never be free of my fragility.
The man I hoped I'd be has been swept away.
Torn away over and over, and over again.

These are the means, where is the end?

No more will your frailties go unspoken.
Misfortunes aside, the lies you abide...
In the end this you have chosen.


released February 2, 2015
Mixed and Mastered by Betray the Emissary and Louis Henn at Burning Tone Studios.

Art Direction & Design by Betraydan.

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Betray The Emissary Cape Town, South Africa

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