In Memory of Me

by Betray The Emissary

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Recorded in April 2007. Produced,mixed and mastered in February 2008 by Betray The Emissary and Louis Henn at Burning Tone Studios. All other recorded material recorded at Fourwall Studios, All vocals recorded at Sleeper Farm Music & Sound Production Studio. Art Direction & Design: Jason Enslin.

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released March 28, 2008



all rights reserved


Betray The Emissary Cape Town, South Africa

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Track Name: The Re-emergence of Jealousy
Trapped! I crave a lie that was once beheld by my eyes
Forgotten but recent reminders bury themselves within my pride
Hatred for unseen faces brings anger to my tyranny
You're the catalyst of the conflict that takes place within me
That only time can take and still it takes place within me

Face this bitter world that I did create
Embrace this stolen love that time did take

Your life runs arigh, with distractions to lose your focus
No more favours, just please
Take yourself out of me, yah! X3

Your destruction, but you only see precious intent
Perceptions to be changed but eternity to forget

Get over your subconscience addiction
The cause of all my pain
Please take this away

Track Name: Chasing the Figure, Forcing the Dream
Ceded into the misled hands of the architects
Trusted with your design, the blueprints of this mortal coil forged

A dream is dead, a life’s been tied
A walk across a burning end
All that seemed bestowed, taken from the eyes of man
A united walk along lonely shores
Gazed upon heavens glare, we were told to meet you there

Trapped in the hells of heaven
Forced to forget, what’s in your heart

Ceded to the mouths, desirous, voracious at the sight
Of your search for truth, they beckon you, they offer only substitutes
Until an end, that only speaks of truth.
The flesh, a shell for the most malevolent of souls

Endlessly we wait, led by fear.
Forgotten fathers of sincerity
Wasted by the only curse
A voice to lead this uneasy body

We’re all chasing the vaguest of figures
Forcing our deified dreams

Dark days will dawn on a world abandoned.
Left to guide the greatest of failures,
While heaven watches weary,
And hell waits eagerly.
Track Name: The Eros Massacre
This body disguises a ruined soul
Breeding malice beneath the surface
I reach out to grasp your memory
But memories don’t feel the same
Hurting you is the only memory worth anything
And I’d give anything, to feel that again
Just to savour the taste

Let’s have this out tonight
I’m sick of walking with glass feet on icy barbs
It’s obvious to me that happiness with you
Will be found at the end of a knife

Yet you play the part so well
The misbegotten martyr, oh so pure
I would have cut my petty heart out
Just to see your bastard smile

This eroticized butchery we called us,
A romanticized massacre where you,
Callously pulled me from the place I worshipped
And left only the wreckage of me

Cut and run,
Save the men and children first,
She’s coming this way.

I could have saved the world
From so much hurt, if only I could have held my
Grip on her, but wrenching herself from my heart,
She left this guilty carcass behind

Through suffering my own ignorance
I’ve seen your true reflection.
Track Name: Blood, Retribution and a Quick Change of Clothes (Feat. Louis Henn)
Tonight I will escape free from this odd humanity
I go to serve the hunger of this beast I bear with me
I move amongst the shadows formed by clouds which fill the sky
I must seek out my god, the moon, and pray it hears my cry
I seek ripe flesh, an innocent, my unsuspecting bride
Death and I unite.

I walk amongst the city people, overwrought with life.
The stench of fear drifts through the air and thus I find my mark
A couple, unescorted through a darkened path
Captivated by their love…love I will divide.

I follow the kill, completely unaware that I
Am holding their lives in my hands
The sands of blood seep through my fingers
I am the hourglass, I am the instrument
Through which the lives of mortal waste shall pass

I’ll raze this world at last
At last…retribution

No, I must keep my mind focus on the task ahead
At this rate I’ll never satisfy my appetite for virgin flesh
And how would I pacify this beast that pulls at me?

My senses returned to me, I find my prey within my reach
I’ll tear the flesh from their bones and we will be appeased
The perfect opportunity arises as one takes a knee
It seems he wants to savour this night for eternity

But I cannot help myself anymore
I can almost taste their hearts as I begin to crawl
And moving silently through the darkness which blankets the floor,
A simple twist of the neck and his life is no more

How fitting that this life’s passing is eased by the screams of its lover

Alone with her, I beat at her head till her consciousness fails
As she sleeps peacefully, I’m left to savagely gorge myself on her entrails.
Track Name: A Friend in the Eyes of Chaos
Jesus, My eyes feel like bruises on the abused
I can’t keep watching you forever
It’s overwhelming me from as far away as you are
Yet in spite of this I still think
That I know what’s inside your heart

How long has this been now?
Why can’t we go back to the start?
Why insist on tearing off pieces?
Yet ignore that you’re taking big parts of me and wasting them on your needs?
Drive the dagger, I placed there myself, through my back and you stood there and watch me bleed.

You just stood there to watch me bleed

Three years…I counted each day
Hoping the memory would fade
I wanna leave the past to rest
So my heart can beat again

How long has this been now?
Why can’t we go back to the start?
I swear you knew all this was certain,
But you only love for the martyrdom.

You’d ruin everybody’s hope
If it quenched your thirst for a core…for purpose.
Track Name: For the Broken
What good is hope for when your life has failed you?
I couldn’t save him from himself…this rope that hangs so empty
Beckoned by this son, a heart that only knows an end
He’s become the murderer for this lonely body

Your faith in humanity dies
Forever vanquished by these dying eyes
Lighting the way to suicide

The scars never heal from a life I threw away
I will never find comfort in the sun
The darkest day has set its sight on me
I’ve become meek to the eyes of a plague

This plague that overwhelms this body, forcing the day upon me
The skies have no grace, wings fail without question
Broken by design…your design

Ashamed at this failure that haunts me
False hope has never felt so comforting

I will live with the regret of a thousand timeless fables of my ignorance to persist

I begin to see, but have forgotten how to live…
Track Name: ...The Man I Could have Been
I was there when the sky breathed contempt
Blood-stained clouds spat on black cloth
And the air smelled like stifled ash

Silhouettes, veneered by the struggling moonlight
Danced at one another, angered by dying passion
Tears washed lips that hissed bitter good-byes
Leaving the salt to burn the cracks

I tried to tell him to run, tried to save him from his end
But my words, the echoed whispers amongst the cries, found no ears
And her tides swept his sacrificial shores out
And drowned them clean of pious charity

I used to dwell in the depths of carnage
And without his grace, i flourished in darkness

So I called the rain here today...
The last eulogy to the ghosts I've hidden away
A person, the boy, that man I could have been.
But I'll fight to believe there's a possibility
To live eternally, as an idea, as an ideal, in a memory
So live in obscurity, while I wait...
I'm just waiting to be remembered.